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SeedSuite is an all-in-one online inventory management software system. Organize your customers, sales, suppliers, invoices, transporters, purchase orders and much more. Inventory management made easy.

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Inventory Made Easy.

Inventory Management

It can be a constant struggle to maintain essential supplies for just a single business division, but SeedSuite makes it easy

Data Analytics

Industry leading analytics allow you to make better business decisions. Understand what products are selling best, and where.


Easily connect with others in your industry and market your products and services. Fill low stock items, and get the best deals.

Industry Focused

Enjoy a flexible, and efficient Inventory management tailored to your specific industry.

A more insightful way to manage your inventory

SeedSuite products offer visual inventory management software that allows you to track all things business. It’s a more effective—and much less time consuming—way to stay on top of all your inventory across multiple locations.

Automatic low stock level notifications ensure you will never lose out on another sale. Set automatic alerts for each inventoried item.

Maintain accurate stock counts, reduce errors, and avoid time consuming manual entry of items. Real-time inventory reports allow you to compile and analyze essential data, like sales, purchase, profitability, returns, and expired items. Gain insight into your customers by individual customer purchase order history.


The SeedSuite ecosystem was designed to help our clients achieve compliance in accordance with reporting requirements. The ecosystem is constantly growing to accommodate changing industry regulations and can be easily adapted to help our clients achieve international or regional specific regulations or compliance.

Serving a wide variety of industries in the agriculture, food service, medical practices, and other general inventory needs, contact us today to see how we can help you grow!

Maintenance & Upkeep

Understand what the market demand is, and where. Our software allows businesses to connect with customers and build relationships like never before. Target marketing and sales initiatives in specific areas to maximize return on investment. 

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Our Happy Customers

“SeedSuite made my business way more efficient!”

I struggled with always managing stock levels, and knowing what my profit margins were on each product I sold. It was a guessing game, and SeedSuite takes the guessing out of it! – Teresa G

“SeedSuite just does things that other inventory software providers are not. “

– Bryon B

“User friendly application and excellent customer service!”

I am not the most tech savvy person in the world, but this application is incredibly user friendly, and SeedSuite’s customer service team is always quick to respond to any questions I have!
I am a lifelong customer.

-Ashley J

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Ankeny, IA

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